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MLUK Membership And Online Shop Set To Launch Soon

MLUK are on the verge of creating something a bit special for its community members, and are set to become one of the UK's main distributors of Marvel Legends action figures.

Not only will this site go live with an online shop from where you can order and Pre Order new Marvel Legends, you can also gain massive discounts throughout the year by becoming an Offical MLUK member through the membership program.

The MLUK membership will give additional discounts on all purchases for 12 months from purchase and will be applicable on all items listed on the site.

With the ample amount of waves being released this year any savings that can be made will help towards future purchases.

This is just 1 of many perks of being an MLUK member as the community grows from strength to strength.

We have had an amazing response from current members who are wanting to take up the membership and will be rewarded from the very first purchase.

The MLUK shop and membership go live in just a couple of weeks. Sign up for the news letter or join the community on facebook!!

Stay classy and keep collecting