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MLUK Talent showcase - Louise Townend

Within the MLUK group not only do we have passionate collectors but we bolster a huge amount of talent.

From Toy Photographers, Customisers and did builders, as collectors we always look at ways to better our collections and displays.

We have a great photo competition running this week with our affiliate Exclu Collective which can be found on the pinned post, along with some cleaver ideas on how to maximize those photo shots.

We will be showcasing the talents within the group from week to week kicking off with Louise Townsend.

Louise's work is immaculate when it comes to diorama builds. Taking meticulous care where detail is concerned, she has built 100's of diorama pieces for not just her collection and others, but mine also.

Louise took her hobby a step further and has since gained a host of support, followers and admirers of her skills. She has a great relationship within the diorama building groups and her work showcased on her "Craft Geek Diorama" Facebook page and Instagram account are incredible.

We are delighted to be showcasing Louise this week as we continue to grow MLUK, and hopefully inspire some of you collectors to give it a go yourself

Give her page a like here

Follow her work on insta here