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More coming from Hasbro in 2018

With such a busy 3 months there is no stopping Hasbro and the Juggxrnaught of releases throughout 2018. With the loss of Toys R Us exclusives the contracts for the would be releases have fallen to the likes of EE, Walgreens, Gamestop with the vast majority now being marked as Target Exclusives.

Antman and the Stinger set for release mid April has now fallen to EE and pre sales on some sites have already gone up.

As far as future releases are concerned this is what we know....

  • Kilmonger Variant & Everett Ross BAF lower body of Stan Lee (August 1st)

  • Winter Soldier & Falcon With Stan Lee Upper Body (August 1st)

  • Dr Strange & Tony Stark with Stan Lee Head (August 1st)

  • Stan Lee Target Exclusive (August 1st) Captain America Suit

  • Walmart Exclusive Rhino 6" (TBC)

  • Walmart Exclusive 2 pack 6" Ant Man & Yellow Jacket (August 1st)

  • Walgreen Exclusive The Thing (September 2018)

  • Walgreen Exclusive Silver Surfer (May 2018)

  • X - Men Wave 3 (july 2018)

  • Venom Wave (September 2018)

  • SpiderVerse (September)

  • Avengers wave 3 (December)

  • Deadpool Wave 2 (September)

  • Thor and Lady Sif (August)

  • Red Skull (August) Walgreens Exclusive

  • Tony Stark and Mark 1 (August)

  • Captain America v Crossbones Face off 2 pack (August)

  • Ironman Mark 7 (August 1st)

  • Ronan the Acuser (August 1st)

  • Avengers infinity War 3 pack (Unknown figs) August

  • Hulk v Hulkbuster Face-off Set (August)

  • infinity War 3 pack (May)

  • Ironman 3 Triple pack (August)

  • Ironman Villian twin pack (Whiplash - Aldrige Killian) August

  • Legendary Riders wave 2 - Wolverine / Patch - The Ultimate Avenger (September)

  • Marvel Legends Days of Future Past Sentinel and 6" Wolverine (November)

Also more good news for MLUK Membership holders... we were lucky enough to secure 15 twin sets of the Dark Phoenix 2017 2 pack which is currently live on the website, not to mention more Vision and Scarlet Witch 2 packs