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August is set to be Hasbro's biggest month yet!!

With the X Men wave 3 already hitting the news with the in hands pictures, news has emerged today that the Deadpool Wave 2 (Sauron BAF) and the Venom Wave (Monster Venom) are set to fall in August!!

Both cases appear to be 6 figure cases with a couple of surprises

X23 - Wolverine

With the news of the wave circulating we now know Wolverine is set for her first 6" release in the new Deadpool 2 wave. She joins, Deadpool (X Gear) Ladypool, Omega Red, Bishop, Boxer Shoes and Slippers DP in what is set to be another hit wave from Hasbro

Venom's film release is set for October later this year (2018) and with it he gets his very own wave. Whilst we await official photos we now know that Venom and Carnage will be joined in a 6 figure case alongside, Spider-Ham, Poison, Scream, Typhoid Mary which when collected they will piece together "Monster Venom" Build a figure!!

Both these waves will join the release alongside X-Men Apocalypse BAF Wave and the 10th Anniversary MCU waves

Heavy on the pocket but what a summer we are in for!!