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We are expanding..!!

July 2016 - Mission Statement - Gain more supply and better awareness for Marvel Legends across the UK making collecting easier and more affordable. We want to build a community of like minded collectors who are wanting to build their collection, save money and help others do the same.

As the community continues to grow daily, our opportunity to buy, sell and showcase gets bigger and better.

Now that the group is in full swing we are planning phase 2.... Regional managers.

As a group we have started to influence prices with the MLUK membership (lower prices for members guaranteed) With Hasbro watching and seeing first hand how active you guys are as collectors, how much you are spending daily within the group, online and in stores (when you can find them) we are ready for our next growth spurt.

MLUK want 10 regional managers to expand the brand, collect information within their regions of all local toy shops, comic book shops and any retailer that would consider selling Marvel Legends and Black Series.

Cities will have the greater options but smaller towns present great opportunities also as they would have never been approached with the option to buy in direct from Hasbro. we want to change that.

As its in its early stages we (MLUK) want to become a UK distributor of both Legends and Black Series. I want people who are familiar with the group and understands how important it is not just to myself to get this right but the fellow community members.

If you are interested please email me with the following......



Town / City

Reason for wanting to get involved

Its that simple... Anyone with a bit of passion and google can do this, and in a month or so we will be able to find out if this is going to work.

Few hours a week max is needed and you will be paid in plastic for your efforts.

Email to - info@coolmediamarketing.co.uk