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Go.. Go.. Go..!!

This morning Forbidden Planet managers were greeted with a line of people outside their stores with MLUK members waiting with cash in hand to buy the new SP//DR Wave which showed up in stores late last night.

Images circulated across the community group Marvel Legends UK

This morning members swamped the stores in the hope to find the new wave of figures. Some have been successful others not so. The figure in the line which seems to be proving the most popular is Doc Ock.

Collectors are keen to add this figure to their ever growing collection to complete their sinister six.

Its great to see some of the acts the community are doing, buying the figures for other people, passing on the figs so youtube reviews can be made for Marvel Legends UK Youtube Channel

Amazing how this group influenced the surge of custom to the store, again highlighting how much the UK Legends market needs more figures in circulation across more stores