What a night for Legends!

July 22, 2018

Whilst most of the uk slept, midnight hit and the MLUK community logged on to the live stream to see what the collectors equivalent of the Super Bowl had to offer.


The Legends team had already put out a full MCU wave of Black Panther figs complete with an amazing BAF in M'Baku, but what else what to be revealed.


Prior to the evenings events, sources close to MLUK had said it was a big reveal year with 30 or so legends set to be unveiled and oh were they right


Spider-man and X-Men stole the show with big hitters on both fronts such as The Kingpin (BAF) and the long awaited Professor X Hover Chair were revealed.


Images below from some of last nights reveals 





More reveals are expected to pop up in future events such as London Comic Con.  All the new Marvel Legends Waves will be available on Pre Order soon as stocks are confirmed 


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