What a year for X-Men Legends

November 4, 2018

With the 2018 comic convention season beginning to wind down, Hasbro has released official high-resolution images of the action figures that make up their 2019 X-Men wave.


The foundation of the wave is the Caliban Build-A-Figure, the first time Hasbro has introduced the character to their wildly-popular collectibles line. After becoming one of Apocalypse's Horsemen, the traditionally skinny character was augmented to appear much larger, and that's the look Hasbro used for this figure.


Though this will be his first appearance as a Legends figure under the Hasbro brand name, Hasbro predecessor Toy Biz did release a 5" version of the character in 1995.


Outside of the Build-A-Figure, fans of the 1990s-based X-Men: The Animated Series will be ecstatic to see several of the figures are based on their animated show look.


Jubilee and a blue-haired Beast lead the way, both based off of fan-favorite artist Jim Lee character designs. The wave also includes a Weapon X Wolverine that's sure to be a hit before being rounded out by the first Hasbro iterations of both Gambit and Blink. The wave will also include the Reavers' Skullbuster.




Outside of the main Caliban Build-A-Figure wave, Hasbro introducing several single-packed figures through exclusive distributors. Walgreens — a traditional exclusive partner with Hasbro — will be selling a Mystique figure featuring her classic white gown costume.




Last but not least, the X-Men offerings wrap up with one of the coolest figures Hasbro has released in quite some time — an Animated Series-accurate Professor X, complete with his golden hoverchair. The Professor X single-packaged figure will feature several extra, including a Cerebro helmet and a blanket, a Marvel Legends' first. It will also include a Shadow King head, which will interchangeable with the new Kingpin Build-A-Figure the toy giant is also releasing next year.



Are you a Marvel Legends collector? Will you be getting any of these X-Men-themed Legends figures? Let us know you in the comments below!













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