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12 Days of Giveaways

Ho! Ho! Ho! Jolly old St. Wade from December 1st will be giving away prizes daily within Marvel Legends UK!

Already confirmed by media partner Boots is a weekend away for 2, for the winners date and destination of choosing taking place on day 12.

Other prizes are set to include Marvel Legends Singles, Twin Packs, Mugs, T Shirts, Collectables and more.

The group has hit all time highs of late and with partnerships lined up for the launch of the MLUK media and wholesale network in 2019 this is a small thank you to all involved with the community from myself the admin team.

Our campaign towards Hasbro on getting the Stan Lee figure released as spread like wildfire since the launch at the start of the week. Our mock up image has recently appeared on Marvelous News, ACBA News Channel and The Fwoosh to name but a few. 2 active petitions have reached their goals on being able to submit to the bodies at Hasbro responsible for getting the figure released.

We know its inevitable that the release of the figure will happen, especially now that the legal red tape has since been lifted and all allegations deemed false. hopefully this will bring the release forward substantially, not for a monetary gain, but for the figure every legends collector wants in their displays

If you haven't done already be sure to follow us on instagram by clicking the image below. If you are a keen toy photographer, youtube reviewer or just want to follow and interact with accounts who share the same interests let #MLUK bridge the gap

12 Days of Deadpool kicks off in the MLUK community on the 1st December and is free to all members. Join the group by clicking HERE and start sharing experiences, collections, discussions and more with like minded legendary people