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The MCU has a new Captain!

After months of anticipation the new Captain Marvel Trailer landed today with expanded scenes from the 1st trailer Marvel Studios released a month back

Check out the new trailer here if you are one of the few that haven't yet seen it

With the release of Trailer 2 and seeing Danvers in all her glory, Hasbro have started to release more pictures from the up and coming Captain Marvel (Kree Sentry BAF Wave) rumoured to be arriving late January

With the recent release pictures the wave now consists of Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel (airforce jacket), Skrull Talos, Kree Soldier, Nick Fury and the 2 remaining slots rumoured to be comic book characters with the BAF being the Kree Sentry

We would be pretty surprised if we don't see a Jude Law character, but then again Hasbro like to keep collectors hanging on. With the recent Black Panther Wave 2 release which saw an entire MCU wave of figures here's hoping we get something close to the quality of that.

Captain Marvel Wave expected release late January

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