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Avengers 4 Trailer has Landed.... End Game April 2019!!

After weeks of speculation, anticipation, rumours and Reddit "So Called" Spoilers its finally here!

All they hype around the release of this trailer, the conspiracy theories and supposed leaks all appeared to be false. Marvel and Disney have had this film secretly under wraps since the Snap and it looks as though none of the information that had been circulating online was accurate.

The trailer sets a dark depressing mood, picking up what seems to be days / a couple of weeks since the snap.

Tony adrift in space leaving Pepper a hope to be found message on what's been cut to appear like the ship acquired by Nebula?

The score of the trailer set the tone perfectly, With the then appearing Marvel Studios logo we then start to explore the character reference scenes, Cap, Black and Widow deep in the middle of a plan, nebula shrouded in shadow and the moment many Marvel fans had been waiting for.... the reveal of Hawkeye! Jeremy Renner is back and rocking the Ronin attire so many had speculated he would be returning in A4 as.

From the looks of the scene Ronin is deep in Yakuza territory set out on his own mission, with Widow on the search to recruit him on the mission her and Cap have been plotting earlier in the trailer.

Another great addition was the return of Scott Lang... last time we saw Scott he was left floating in the Quantum Realm collecting a new form of energy particles for Pym's research

Arriving to the Avenger facility in the Transit van which contains the equipment which helps breach through to the Quantum Realm no doubt this becomes a vital piece to what the Avengers need in defeating Thanos and re setting the Snap.

After this trailer release expect to see a few new Marvel Legends reveal this weekend at the Brazil Comic Con which is underway from today.

Moments after the Captain Marvel Trailer dropped we saw the rest of the Captain Marvel wave revealed

New figs prediction on the horizon from this trailer;



Non Bearded Cap

What did you think of the trailer? Did it deliver on what we as Marvel fans needed? Do we really need a trailer 2 or should this now be left as it is until the film release in April?

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