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It's a kinda Magik

Marvel Legends UK studios is open and we have started the new year by looking back on some older figures.

Over the coming weeks we will be reviewing, comparing and sharing thoughts on the Hasbro wave figures and also the older ToyBiz Legends from the past.

Earlier this week, we had a look at the #DarkPhoenix 2 pack and today we unbox the Walgreens Exclusive #Magik

This series of rewind reviews is heavily focused on the X-Men series with 3 lines and 4 exclusive singles set for release later this year.

Professor X and the Hover Chair are already hitting shores in Canada and a few ACBA members have their hands on the figure set early, so to the Deadpool Scooter set.

To see these figures in hand and reviewed already - check out ERivera94 youtube channel

We have 5 more reviews dropping later this week. If there is anything in particular you want to see from the old Toybiz days to be reviewed - let us know in the comments