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Marvel Legends Mystique Figure Review

Fresh off the delivery van, we unbox and take a look at the new Marvel Legends Mystique action figure.

A Walgreens exclusive in the US, means limited places in the UK - this particular piece was acquired from ID Toys from their asian import stock

Click the image for the latest review;

Marvel Legends Mystique 2019 Review

As you can see from the review Hasbro seem to have perfected the comic book look taking the appearance right from the comics and animated series.

The 2 heads that come with the figure,

Rogue - The Daughter of Mystique was a nice little touch to add, giving the impression of a semi morphed faced - only downfall to this is in our opinion the right ear which is still flesh tone colour and not the blue.

Lilandra - Empress of the Shi'ar again nice little touch to add in the packaging but not having the official word from Hasbro that the head is to be used on the Silver Sable body from the newly released Kingpin Wave collectors are yet to know if this is some sort of a Walgreens BAF 1st in a set of figures to follow

Let us know what you think of the review and is this a figure you will be picking up in the near future