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eBay KO figures, are they any good?

Recently within the community questions have re surfaced over the KO figures we see on eBay for £10 - £13 such as suited Tony Stark, BAF Ronan, Wolverine and more. After buying a few of the suited bodies for customs we decided to purchase the KO Pizza Spider-Man to see if a highly painted figure was just as good.

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Marvel Legends PIzza Spidey

Upon receiving the figure, he came in a clear polythene bag complete with interchangeable hands, head and pizza accessory.

Marvel Legends UK PIzza Spidey Review

So far so good. Taking a look at the figure in much more detail we saw a few paint QC issues, lines misprinted,, chips and paint rub. The most notable being on the back of the figures calf around the knee hinge.

Marvel Legends Paint defects

The other small issue was a warring to the figures leg, not sure if this was done in transit or at manufacturing. The leg was twisted at the shin and the ball peg set off centre.

Marvel Legends PIzza Spider-Man

After a hot bath and a cold shower we managed to re set the leg into position, wether or not the leg will stay in position time will tell as in some instances dependant on the resistance of the plastic the effect could be short lived in a warm room.

Marvel Legends Figure Review

All in all the figure was worth the £12 in my opinion, seeing this particular Spider-Man on groups and eBay be put up for sale in excess of £30 on the second market seems a bit steep. Its a great fodder figure for customer as the base figure has all the articulation needed such as the butterfly joints. The figure is a very slim Marvel Legend so the base body won't be ideal for many figure customs as the original bucky cap mold would be a lot better for most base figures.

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