Marvel Legends Reveals at SDCC2019

July 20, 2019

It was a busy night at the reveal panel this year at SDCC19.  With what can only be described as a huge year for legends from January to July, how could the guys at Hasbro top what they had already done... 


Here's a list of everything revealed running into 2020


Variant punisher cammo gear

X force - Deathlock

Giant man - endgame reveal - had this in the best of wave

Walgreens Exclusives



Danni Moonstar

X Factor



Strong Guy

Love triangle 3 pack

Jean Grey

Cyclops flight jacket

Damaged cowl / bone claws tiger stripe wolverine

Vehicles for 2020 release

Squirrel girl

Cosmic ghost rider

Gamerverse Spider-Man

Velocity suit Spider-Man

Spider armour

Shang Chi

Spider-Man 2020 reveal

Classic Vulture

All new She hulk

Age of apocalypse xmen wave


Weapon X


Classic Dr Doom






















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